The Alliance to End Plastic Waste Releases 2020 Progress Report

Latest News 2020-09-08

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (the "Alliance") today released its 2020 Progress Report, detailing the organization's efforts to achieve its vision and mission. The report pointed out that the alliance is committed to accelerating project development in the four strategic areas of waste management and recycling infrastructure, innovation, education and participation, and cleanup. In 14 cities in 6 countries in Southeast Asia, India and Africa, the alliance has launched 14 cutting-edge projects to solve the plastic waste challenge. The report also introduced 55 member-led projects with a total value of US$400 million. These projects are designed to find solutions to eliminate plastic waste in the environment.

In the 2020 progress report, examples of project milestones achieved by the alliance and its members in four strategic areas: In Jembrana County (Jembrana) in the northwestern part of Bali, Indonesia, the STOP project created Jembura The first solid waste management service in Na County, and its comprehensive recycling system will create new long-term jobs. The alliance and the STOP project will build a system that collects 20,000 tons of garbage every year. This will initiate major changes at the entire social level, involving citizens, governments, and communities.

Zero Waste Plastic Cities, this is the joint vision of the alliance and Grameen Creative Lab (Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus is the co-founder of the lab), not only about leakage into the environment It also created sustainable social enterprises to improve the lives of residents in Puducherry, India and Tan An, Vietnam.

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