Promote Lean Production towards Industry 4.0

Sustainable Column 2020-11-02

In the book, Lean Thinking (lean revolution), the principles of lean systems are divided into five major steps: Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection. To promote lean production, you must first define the value of the product, its value at a specific time and meet the needs of customers, and then clarify the process of transforming the product from raw materials to delivery to customers, and remove the waste of no added value in the process.In order to achieve a smooth flow, the production will be driven to reduce the inventory at all stages in the future. Under the condition of a full and continuous flow, various obstacles will be presented and resolved to move towards perfection.

It can be seen from the lean production system that the issue of manufacturing to promote lean production towards Industry 4.0 should start from the stream of value. In the entire product realization process, from customer demand, through contract review of orders, it is transformed into internal A series of processes including production work orders, placing orders to suppliers and purchases, in-plant raw material production, processing, assembly, and finished product packaging to shipment (Figure 1).


There will be a lot of information flow and logistics transmission. The analysis of the value stream is the process of transforming the entire product from demand to supply. The optimized production conditions can be obtained through IE methods such as flow planning and work research. Complete the product in the least time and cost, that is, through the analysis of the value stream, reduce waste at each stage.


Smart production now refers to the integration of Internet (IoT), big data (Big Data), artificial intelligence analysis (AI), and other tools through the integration of cloud computing and applications for virtual and real integration. The collection and induction of digital data are useful. The information is analyzed and sublimated into wisdom to improve the production process, and a plan is formed to return to the worksite. The additional composition is as follows:
We have also heard of "Garbage in, garbage out" in the past. If an effective date cannot be obtained when promoting Industry 4.0, the transformed information and analysis results will not have any wisdom at all, so it is compact. Production can accelerate the implementation of Industry 4.0. After clarifying the demand (defining the value), the value flow analysis is started.

The logistics and information flow in the process can be used to integrate the on-site parameters (such as quantity, pressure, temperature, speed, time, abnormality, etc.) for collection, the smooth flow will eliminate waste (such as seven wastes: waiting, handling, defective products, actions, processing, inventory) to reduce invalid information, and pull-back production can make big data effective Use (such as material recommendations, production scheduling), and combine the improvement with AI analysis to achieve the optimal production mode.

Therefore, quality management, standardization, 5S, etc. of lean production and extension are the foundation of the manufacturing site. If the site is not done right and done well, it is impossible to talk about efficiency and wisdom.


Lean Thinking Translated by Zhong Hanqing, written by Jams P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones, published by Economic Trends.