Towards a carbon China and EU plans to establish a unified energy sector

Latest News 2020-09-08

The European Parliament promotes the establishment of a "Unified Energy Sector" to urge EU countries to achieve the goal of carbon cooperation! Austria’s European Parliamentarian Jiameng proposed the establishment of a "European Unified Energy Department" in a meeting a few days ago, which will help integrate the existing energy regulations of various countries, build the EU's renewable energy center and promote the transformation of industry and transportation to the use of green energy. stand by.

Many EU member states, including Finland and Denmark, have set the goal of achieving "carbon cooperation" by 2050, and even the UK, which will leave the European Union, has promised to follow up. According to the EU survey, in order to achieve the goal of carbon cooperation, the EU's overall electricity consumption will increase from 25% to 50%. Jiameng said: "To achieve carbon cooperation, it is very necessary for government agencies to move towards the use of green energy. Therefore, we A department is needed to coordinate and integrate."
In addition to unifying the existing energy policies and regulations of various countries, the department will also be responsible for building EU renewable energy centers, increasing the penetration rate of infrastructure such as solar and biomass power generation in various countries, researching and deploying green energy technologies, and assisting in the integration of clean energy The scope of use has expanded to areas traditionally dependent on fossil fuels, such as the promotion of green buildings, industry, and transportation.