Ikea Launches Furniture Buy Back Service In 27 Countries

Latest News 2020-10-19

The company is giving the furniture a second life as part of its push to become a fully circular business by 2030.

IKEA is on a mission to eradicate waste. The Swedish furniture retailer is launching a buy-back service in 27 countries to encourage sustainable shopping habits and divert used furniture from landfill. The circular service will offer customers store credit for their unwanted IKEA furniture which will then be resold, recycled, or donated to community projects.


The program kicks off on November 24 to coincide with Black Friday — a day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season when most retailers offer discounts on their products. IKEA is bucking the Black Friday trend by encouraging customers to join the reuse economy instead of buying new this Black Friday.


"We want to offer customers' sustainable solutions for their furniture they no longer need, even if it’s served them well over the years. So, we are currently exploring new business models to develop commercially viable and scalable offers in the areas of how people bring things into their home, how they care for things they own, and how they pass on the things they no longer need." IKEA's Deputy Retail Operations Manager, Stefan Vanoverbeke, said in a statement.


IKEA has been offering furniture buyback service in Australia since last October. So far, 10,000 items have been returned through this program diverting an estimated 100 tonnes of furniture from landfills.


Based on the success of this and other resale trails, IKEA is looking to roll out similar initiatives all across the globe. The company's #BuyBackFriday service will run from November 24-December 3 in 27 countries including Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia.


As part of the new buyback program, customers could receive a store credit worth up to 50% of what they originally paid for their IKEA items. The buyback program is part of IKEA's larger mission to become a fully circular and carbon-neutral business by 2030.


Through its circular services, IKEA gave 47 million products a second life last year. By the end of 2021, the company plans to offer furniture buyback and resale services in all of its stores. These services not only help divert waste from landfill, they also provide customers with affordable repaired or refurbished furniture options.


IKEA also plans to open its first second-hand store in Sweden later this year.


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