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26 Sep
Circular Strategies Can Lead to Significant Carbon Reduction in the Fashion Industry

Latest News 2023-09-26

26 Sep
ChatGPT needs to 'drink' a water bottle's worth of fresh water for every 20 to 50 questions you ask

Latest News 2023-09-26

18 Sep
Will Germany be the first to ditch its net zero commitments?

Latest News 2023-09-18

18 Sep
EU lawmakers approve a deal to raise renewable energy target to 42.5% of total consumption by 2030

Latest News 2023-09-18

12 Sep
Apple advances supplier clean energy commitments

Latest News 2023-09-12

12 Sep
Climate groups are pressuring the US government for legislation that forces tech companies to disclose the carbon emissions from their AI systems.

Latest News 2023-09-12

13 Sep
IKEA: 80th birthday wish is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 2030

Latest News 2023-09-13

12 Sep
Bacteria that ‘eat’ methane could slow global heating, study finds

Latest News 2023-09-12

04 Sep
Tech’s carbon footprint: can AI revolutionise responsibly?

Latest News 2023-09-04

06 Sep
California Salton Sea rich in Lithium. The development of "Lithium Valley" will help the US become a leader in lithium battery manufacturing

Latest News 2023-09-06

02 Aug
Ministry of Environment instructed to disclose the carbon footprint of packaging materials in 2026

Latest News 2023-08-02

31 Aug
GHD says "More countries developing hydrogen strategies in net-zero push"

Latest News 2023-08-31

29 Aug
Toyota Open Labs driving innovation and development in five major areas

Latest News 2023-08-29

30 Aug
SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs launches an online "Carbon as a Service, CAAS" and invites SMEs to join the new service

Latest News 2023-08-30

24 Aug
Climate Change Administration of the Ministry of Environment said "The first carbon fee will be levied in 2025"

Latest News 2023-08-24

23 Aug
Japanese Government will invest 2 trillion in the budget for Green Transformation

Latest News 2023-08-23

17 Aug
Reversing Musk's statement that "hydrogen does not appear naturally on the earth", large-scale natural hydrogen has been discovered in France, Austral

Latest News 2023-08-17

14 Aug
The UK government launches sustainability hub to help 5.5 million small businesses decarbonise

Latest News 2023-08-14