In September 2020, the Sustainable Materials Library and the Recycling Material Supply and Demand matching Platform(ONLINE) were officially unveiled, introducing a variety of sustainable materials from a neutral perspective. Covering several categories including Iron, Non-ferrous Metals, Ceramic materials, Glass materials, Natural materials, High/Low molecules Materials, Adhesives, Coatings, Plastics, Rubber, fibers, Semi-processed, Secondary Processed Finished Products, Semi-finished Products, etc.,. The Sustainable Materials Library provides services that allow designers and product developers to SEE, TOUCH, and FEEL each material in real.

At present, the Sustainable Materials Library is located in the space on the 4th floor of the Plastics Industry Development Center (Taichung Industrial Park-39St.) in Taichung City. We display catalogs and samples of various materials. At here, you can see various materials. Consulting of material-related issues is welcomed!

We also arrange innovative thinking workshops on recycling materials aperiodically, training on the improvement of circular economy expertise, and holding a series of circular economy Seminars. The topics would include various technical areas, and the depth of content would strive to meet the needs of specific requirements. Providing recycling resources, supply & demand matching opportunities, and small-batch trial production services. Hoping to help stabilize the grasp and quality of sustainable materials, aim to cultivate the ability of small and medium enterprises to master the application of recycling resources. Enhance the value and stability of recycling products.

We hope to provide more resources for the developers of products so that creativity and design can continue to flow, develop, and truly be realized. Through the information of the Sustainable Materials Library, the design industry and R&D material manufacturers in Taiwan can connect to the international platform and become the focus of the world's attention.

Library Environment